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2018.1.10 release 1. AK-47 / Information Overload 2.DEAD FISH BOYS / Only This Way 3.HAPPENING STYLE / heatbeat 4.Like / Home Slice 5.MAPPY / Natural Born xxxx!! 6.Milestone for 10 years / WE ARE ALL WEAK 7.TAGNUTS / WORDS A MINUTE 8.toilet / ファッションリアル 9.TRAST / Never Say Never 10.Two layers of paint / Wrapped 11.FEEBLE-GRIND / VOICE 12.CAN'T A MAN ATTACK! / Shall we dance? 13.fLATBOWL / luck 14.NICOTINE / One minute of annoying history 15.9mile / Chaos in the floor 16.Circle Joint / I just wanna sleep with you tonight 17.Merci Merci Me / 見ごろ食べごろ笑いごろ 18.MY SHOES MY CAP / 名前も知らない人達と 19.TOTAL POPS MADNESS / Fights 20.U CAN'T SAY NO! / The Big Bang Theory 21.VDX / Happy fuckin' birthday 22.希望 / あの日、庭先で風車を回していた母の、肩を外してやった。 23.HOW-bORiNG / Riot 24.SALVO / Tokyo 25.SHAMES / When you're gone 26.THRASHOUT / The Only Way 27.Five State Drive / I wanna be Japanese 28.MACVES / Let's start it now 29.SHOT DEAD KIDS / PIECE OF WORK 30.vagarious vagabondage / Umbrella 31.BUZZER BEATER / HIGHMAKEN 32.GUARDMAN / keep on walkin' 33.Ah / Cheap And Simple Sound 34.VICTIM / Mass Media Victim 35.Day tripper / Mirror 36.GELUGUGU / RITZ CHEESE SAND 37.HOIST / GAME COAT 38.OVER LIMIT / monkey! monkey! monkey! 39.ROCK STOCK MAGAZINE / You 40.Subliminal Ripple / Human dignity 41.TRASHMIND / Parting 42.Beat Break Screamer / egoist 43.BUGRIDER / Set it all free 44.CONCRETE WAVES / LDH IS COCK 45.FAAFAAZ / LOCAL RIOT 46.LAST YOUTH CASUALLY / DOWNER 47.Little Yard City / my war 48.Tygerbeetle / G.L.B.T 49.YOUNG OF FLOWERS / Oh! High! Gone! 50.FOREVER STAY YOUTH / Revenge Of The Punk Rock 51.LODEO DRIVE / DULL LIFE 52.S56 / THC 53.CLUB SANDINISTA! / NORANECO NO BLUES(laugh & dub mix) 54.MIX UP / HEART BEAT 55.THE MOSH ROOM / Puke 56.The No! / It's Cool, but No One Already Did It 57.625 / I GOTTA STUPID! 58.ザ☆ホネホネロックス / FREEDOM REVENGE 59.BALROG / 閻魔 60.NO KIDDING / source of life 61.SKATOMBO / SKABOOOOOON!!! 62.SUGLIFE / ALIVE 63.Quackeries / FullTime 64.TRASH / MY MELODY 65.BON DX / RUN-TOMORROW 66.9thclap / スーパーウチナータイム